ZUTON RESOURCES SDN BHD has taken its initiative into the Biomass energy development technology. The Biomass technologies ranged from the conversion of Biomass into solid fuel production to the direct combustion of biomass for use in the palm oil industries and the commercial use of Biomass energy through the Small Renewable Energy Program.


Malaysia is amongst the world’s top producers of palm oil with the current planted area is expanding to around 4.0 million hectares. Success of palm oil industry in Malaysia is from the confluence of government and private sector strategies and policies. In spite of the huge production, the oil consists of only about 10% of the total Biomass produced in the plantation. The remainder consists of huge amount of oil palm wastes such as oil palm shells, mesocarp fibers and empty fruit bunch (from the mills) and oil palm fronds and oil palm trunk (from the field during replanting).


A lot of emphasis was given a cost efficient preventive pre-treatment of these low-grade solid multi fuels in downsized reductive environment for removal of hazardous air pollutants prior burning to improvement of burning efficiency of the revitalized solid fuel power plant up to substantial capacities.